Aged Care is one of the fastest growing industries in Australia.

With growth comes expectations to provide secure, comfortable, productive and technology intuitive environments which are cost effective and efficient.

mySmart is here to help you implement smart technology to solve real world aged care facility problems enabling you to provide exceptional frontline delivery and quality care trajectories.


Our mySmart EnGauge system is simple to install and non-intrusive for existing facilities resulting in no downtime.

Easy to retrofit, it can be staged accordingly and is completely scalable for multi-site or multi-building. Using existing network infrastructures, mySmart EnGauge is IP based and allows Aged Care facilities to partake in the ever increasing strive for an intelligent and connected world.

  • Reduce costs through efficient use of facility electricity, gas and water

    • Monitor assets such as air-conditioning, lighting and other loads
    • Automate load shedding of power in stages to minimise peak demand charges
    • Control pre-determined critical heating and cooling areas
    • Active monitoring and logging of fridge and freezer temperature
  • Interface systems to operational platforms through increased use of sensors, reed switches and occupancy detectors for patient activity monitoring

  • Interface and report on 3rd party systems such as nurse calls, EWIS, UV filters, water tanks and security

  • Actively monitor and control numerous sites from one central location

    • Integration and control of traditionally standalone eco-systems such as metering, HVAC, generators, solar, lighting, fridges/freezer.
    • Remote testing and fault alerts for generators and emergency systems
Solutions Intelligent Aged Care Powerbi Laptop

Make effective decisions based on use, timing and historical performance

Better understand staff efficiencies and resident behaviour

Assist with compliance

Broadcast alerts


In conjunction with your facility management team, mySmart can identify areas requiring regular metering, monitoring and reporting to assist with mitigating risk and compulsory reporting provisions.

Alerts and notifications automatically sent to relevant persons if temperatures exceed set limits

Assist with temperature control in freezers, drug, food and beverage fridges

Continuous monitoring of UV water filters and immediate alerts sent if they cease

Test and log Emergency Lighting regularly

Temperatures logged and stored for retrieval when required


We partner with the likes of Microsoft to provide best of breed software like Azure and PowerBI with the confidence of long term, secure data storage and visualisation.

Solutions Intelligent Aged Care Powerbi Laptop
  • Multi-user access – always

  • User defined reports

  • Data is retrievable from anywhere at any time

  • Dashboards provide overall operational KPI and assessment against operational (per resident/per bed) metrics.

  • Long term data series is achievable