Buildings are facing increased pressure to provide a secure, comfortable, productive and technology intuitive environment as cost-effectively as possible. In short – they need to be smart.

As the trajectory towards smart cities increases, this pressure compounds as we strive to create spaces which foster innovation and integrate digital and physical systems in the built environment.

mySmart intrinsically understands technology and how it can solve real world problems. We are smart activists continually pushing boundaries and redefining the complex relationship and interaction between people, spaces and devices.

The future is here.


Smart buildings intrinsically allow for:

  1. Building systems and devices to ‘talk’ to each other; automating and fulfiling set functions
  2. The collection of data from building systems and devices, providing insights for informed decision making

At mySmart we’ve been in the intelligent environment space for over 17 years. We understand not only how to digitally connect devices and systems but also collect data to:

  • Increase people productivity
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Optimise building systems and spaces