At mySmart we pride ourselves on continually pushing boundaries, as such we’ve been designing ‘smart’ buildings for some time.

Building Management Systems

Buildings are facing increased pressure to provide a secure, comfortable, productive and technology intuitive environment as cost-effectively as possible. This is most effective as different building systems are Converged as they provide valuable data to fine tune and optimise not only the building’s infrastructure but the user experience. mySmart has the ability to provide concise and analytical data from new and existing systems, to ‘sweat the asset’, so you are getting the most value possible. This enables an informative decision process on building system improvements, functional space allocation, optimal user experience. The results are reduced cost, building efficiency, and productive, content users.

mySmart intrinsically understands technology and how it can solve real world problems. We are smart activists continually pushing boundaries and redefining the complex relationship and interaction between people, spaces and devices.

At mySmart we like to think we are building Smart Cities one mySmart Building at a time. As the trajectory towards smart cities increases, this pressure compounds as we strive to create spaces which foster innovation and integrate digital and physical systems in the built environment.

Building Automation Services and Smart City Solutions

Smart buildings intrinsically allow for:

  1. Building automation systems and devices to ‘talk’ to each other; automating building and fulfiling set functions
  2. The collection of data from building automation and control systems & devices, providing insights for informed decision making

At mySmart we’ve been in the intelligent environment space for over 17 years. We understand not only how to digitally connect devices and systems but also collect data to:

  • Increase people productivity
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Optimise building systems and spaces

mySmart is your go-to company for building automation solutions in Australia, pushing boundaries while designing technologically intuitive smart buildings....

Building Automation Systems

In recent years, the talk of building automation and technologies in public spaces and corporate buildings has been on the rise – especially with the increased pressure of providing secure and technologically intuitive systems for buildings, while trying to be as cost-effective as possible and still meet the criteria for several accreditations including NABERS and GREENSTAR. With 20 years of being one of the leading building automation companies in Australia, mySmart has been able to collect a cross-section of rolling data that we continuously use to successfully launch solutions that can help companies increase people’s productivity, reduce operational costs, and optimise building systems and spaces all in the name of exemplifying building automation services in the right spaces.

mySmart has taken up the work of building automation and control systems on public and commercial spaces all across Australia, ensuring not only building infrastructures but also user experience through their building automation products. With commercial automation, smart buildings, building management systems, and automated building controls as our major products, the firm can surely provide major improvements and advancements in the workplaces by automating the system handling of the building’s functions such as lighting, HVAC and any service connected to the building’s BMS.

Whether it’s a new build or an existing one, mySmart is here to help you plan out your building’s transition to an automated one. We have the best smart building automation technologies and smart building automation system innovations that can turn your costly corporate place into a smart workspace.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which automation system is best for me?
mySmart can be easily contacted and approached to discuss what needs to be implemented in your space, with our staff open to evaluating how data collecting around the space could be done and identifying the best lighting controls and luminaires that will work for you.

How do we go about paying?
The terms of payment are strictly thirty (30) days (or such other period as nominated by the supplier herein) from the date of invoice.

Where are mySmart’s offices?
mySmart has offices around Australia, specifically Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, however, we do service the whole of Australia.

What are mySmart sensors?
mySmart sensors are devices that can be installed to make any environment technologically intuitive while minimising energy use and cost without compromising user experience.

Integrated Building Management Systems

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