IoT certainly earned ‘the next big thing’ title. Opening endless possibilities for intelligent environments, IoT is making mySmart buildings smarter and more comfortable, and even safer.

mySmart has been working in IoT for over a decade now, and we are very excited it’s infinite possibilities have finally gained momentum.

What is IoT?

To borrow the fine definition of McKinsey & Company; the Internet of Things is sensors and actuators connected by networks to computing systems. These systems can monitor or manage the health and actions of connected objects and machines. Connected sensors can also monitor the natural world, people, and animals. There’s also a great article we wrote in 2019 which explains it here.

How can we help?

From building management services to energy monitoring, mySmart’s smart building solutions are wide ranging and leading the IoT charge. Having made considerable in-roads in this area across a wide range of sectors, we know IoT can affect positive change for your needs – it’s what we’re good at. Contact us today.