IoT certainly earned ‘the next big thing’ title. It is opening endless possibilities for intelligent environments. mySmart is an IoT company that makes buildings more innovative, more comfortable, and even safer.

IoT Sensors

mySmart has been working in IoT technology development for over a decade now, and we are very excited its infinite possibilities have finally gained momentum.

Internet Of Things Platform definition

To borrow the fine definition of McKinsey & Company; the Internet of Things is sensors and actuators connected by networks to computing systems. These systems can monitor or manage the health and actions of connected objects and machines. Connected IoT Sensors can also monitor the natural world, people, and animals. There’s also a great article we wrote in 2019 which explains it here.

IoT Applications

From building management services to energy monitoring, mySmart’s smart building solutions are wide-ranging and leading the IoT charge. Having made considerable in-roads in this area across a wide range of sectors, we know IoT products can affect positive change for your needs – it’s what we’re good at. Contact us today....

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the foundation of a thriving industry in this day and age of hyper-connectivity, with globally recognized hardware and software components for everything from smart homes and cars to medical devices and even manufacturing.

IoT Business

While IoT technology focuses on linking smart devices, IoT applications expand on this by investigating connections that can be made anywhere, including between individuals, data, and processes. mySmart is one of the leading IoT platform companies that extend the internet’s authority in improving business decisions and organisational success.

The Internet of things platform is the result of humankind’s curiosity and desire to live a more convenient and connected lifestyle, reducing labour and eliminating the possibility of human error. We are specialised in making devices smart and pay attention to the things that will increase efficiency.

mySmart, one of the highly capable firms that are in the IoT business, knows that data is the new currency, and that data can address and help solve a vast number of critical issues, which is what drives the development of the IoT applications, IoT sensors and IoT technology as a whole.

IoT Products

mySmart has a wide range of applications, sensors and other products that can greatly benefit everyone due to IoT platform development. IoT products also offer functions where it helps to improve compliance and transparency in sectors like aged care and health, monitor energy usage in electric buses and save costs in facilities that run high power bills.

Aside from cost and compliance benefits, mySmart is also adept in other IoT applications like energy management, data capture and many more. If you are interested in partnering with us, you may email us at or call us at 1300 697 627.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IoT?
IoT or Internet of Things is an architecture that measures relationships in the real world, providing data that improves users’ personal and professional lives and opens up new market opportunities. The Internet of Things brings to light data by utilising definitive proof from the physical world to provide insights that drive action to your business.

Where does AI fit into all of this?
Machine learning or simply artificial intelligence (AI) is important in IoT because it can extract insights from difficult-to-handle data. Because of the volume of data, machine learning calculations are frequently performed at the edge. Once a system has learned how to solve a problem using tools in the data centre or in an enterprise’s network infrastructure, the knowledge can be dispatched to an inferencing engine at the edge and run in real-time.

Is the Internet of Things and digitisation the same thing?
IoT is a subset of digitisation (the use of data to drive a business), but the terms are used interchangeably with little repercussion.

Why should we understand the Internet of Things?
Learning about the Internet of Things enables IT decision-makers to propose innovative ideas that can improve personal and business outcomes. Incorporating innovative solutions can improve profitability and time while also enhancing safety and efficiency.