We are one of Australia’s leading commercial building systems integrator, and have for over a decade, forged a solid reputation as a provider of innovative automation solutions for hotels, resorts and hospitality venues in the Australasian region.

Room Management Systems

We specialise in premium integration solutions, from intelligent guest room controls to ongoing managed services delivering seamless efficiency, cost control and resource management. For this reason, mySmart only partners with leading providers of guest room solutions, hotel room management systems, hospitality technology, such as iRiS Software Systems and InnCom by Honeywell, for whom we are the exclusive Australian distributor. mySmart strives to enhance the guest experience with state of the art hotel systems and provide contactless solutions that encompass and deliver the ultimate control, both for the guest and the hotel brand.

The global pandemic has altered the way we go about our daily lives. Video conference calls have become commonplace, internet shopping is more prevalent than ever, and a good alternative to public transportation has seen people in cities all over the world embrace cycling and other socially isolated modes of transportation. In a related manner, hotel technology has aided commercial establishments to adapt to the new normal that we now inhabit.

Are you looking to upgrade your guestroom technology to ride the wave of contactless solutions?

As people now use hospitality technology in their daily lives all over the world to work, entertain themselves, learn new things, and share their experiences. Your guests expect internet access, flat-screen high-definition televisions, enhanced room security, and other amenities which enhance the guest experience in your establishment as commonplace. So, if you are in need to know about current trends in order to keep your guest engagement intact while also providing unique high-tech amenities and to keep your staff safe, mySmart is here to help.

We specialise in guest room technology solutions and facility energy management, in order to drastically reduce the costs of materials, engineering, installation, and maintenance. mySmart also collaborates with Guest Room Management System industry leaders such as iRiS Software, InnCom, AuVerte and many other excellent hotel room management systems that save a lot of energy while improving the guest experience alongside increasing the property’s ROI.

Whether it’s a new build or a retrofit of an existing hotel, send us a message or contact us to start the conversation about your next step in guest room solutions, wherever you are in Australia. Full details are included on our Contact Us page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Guest Room Management System?
The GRMS (Guest Room Management System) is the hotel room automation system. It manages information sent by instructions, enabling numerous operations to be performed. This includes light controls, rolling shutters, opening and closing curtains, and other forms of communications/media like smart TV, phone or tablet.

Do I really need the GRMS System?
Despite the fact that guest rooms are unoccupied 70% of the time, they account for 40-80% of hotel energy consumption. Guests expect a personalised, connected, and intuitive digital experience while in their rooms. They want convenience, comfort, and control. GRMS strike a balance between the need to cut costs and the ever-increasing expectations of your guests.

Why should I choose mySmart?
With the two decades of providing solutions to corporate and businesses in different industries, mySmart assures you that our consultants and specialists who are highly skilled and professionals design, optimise, and service environments to improve user comfort and productivity while reducing operational costs and resource consumption.

Are your solutions only focused on hospitality technology?
No. mySmart offers a wide range of solutions for smart buildings up to even smart agriculture. We offer Asset Performance Analytics, Energy Management, IoT Applications, mySmart Sensors and many more associated products and services.