mySmart has a reputation for designing solutions that not only meet budget, but incorporate innovative ideas and respond to commercial demands.

It is part of our makeup to think outside the box and devise layouts that are cost-effective and incorporate proven and evolving technologies with the end-user in mind. All our design solutions commence with a thorough understanding of needs, requirements and budget. We will often provide an alternative, as we believe there is no one single solution for any given scenario – it’s what sets us apart.

Our preferred partner status and in-depth knowledge of leading system providers such as Schneider Electric C-bus, Philips Dynalite and KNX allow us to identify a design and system best suited to your needs without compromise. Whichever system is appropriate for your requirements you can be assured of our commitment to provide you with the best possible solution.

When it comes to buildings and construction, we are entering a new era. It is no longer sufficient for offices to simply provide a space for us to come sit at one set desk and work. Expectations have shifted amongst employees to provide workplace flexibility.

Today, thanks to technological advancements, it is possible for a building to not only provide all of the services that occupants require, but also to do so while remaining as cost-effective as feasible, and extending energy savings over the lifetime of the facility whether it’s fully operational or at partial occupancy. This is a balance that will be critical for businesses in the future. The age of embracing the true capabilities of smart buildings has arrived.

With the help of mySmart and our partners, we can design solutions including Schneider Electric’s C-bus, Signify’s Philips Dynalite and KNX technology, and turn your vision into reality. Our goal with your vision is to learn or develop the aspirations and operational pain points for the client’s organization — not just your building or your employees, but the business as a whole.

It’s in our DNA to think outside the box and design layouts that are both cost-effective and incorporate proven and evolving technologies with the end-user in mind. All of our design solutions begin with a thorough understanding of the client’s needs, requirements, and budget. With this, we can start our design solutions and help you succeed with your internal business goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my business need a smart building?
A smart building generates an appealing place to work while lowering operating costs and improving the occupant experience. The smart building keeps us comfy and secure in the background while providing us with access to infrastructure and amenities that allow us to be more productive in the foreground.

What can we expect in terms of setup and installation?
The protocol used to connect devices and the method of obtaining, storing, and analysing differs between smart building systems. These variations have an effect on the program’s setup and installation. Contact us to get an estimate on how long it will take to set up the system, how much it will cost, and how the installation will affect business processes if it’s an existing site. Consider any other specific requirements or conditions unique to your company and share them with us to achieve your desired setup.

What is the significance of lighting in design?
Lighting is regarded as one of, if not the, most important elements in interior design due to its ability to change the mood of a room. Lighting has the ability to change the perception of a room in addition to providing adequate visibility for day-to-day functions. The size and shape of your space can be made to appear refined by pairing it with light-colored walls, mirrors, and architectural features. Lighting has a significant impact on how your space looks and feels aesthetically. Consider the finishes and color palette used in your interior decoration when choosing the color temperature of your lighting, and how they can be controlled to minimise cost.

What are the different levels of lighting design?
The ambient, task and accent lighting are the three types of light used by lighting designers. Each layer is critical to your lighting scheme and influences the ambience, perspective, and functionality of your space. Ambient lighting is used to provide a room’s foundation and general illumination. Task lighting is intended to create a shadow-free environment in your home for carrying out daily activities. Accent lighting’s purpose is to add style and personalize your space exactly how you want it.