At mySmart, we strive to build smart environments. That’s why mySmart Sensors are not just another sensor on the market.

With over 20 years of industry knowledge, mySmart sensors are designed to minimise energy use and cost without compromising user experience. Easy to install, mySmart sensors provide outstanding performance for any intelligent environment.

mySmart Sensors are:

  • Manufactured and compliant with Australian standards
  • Quick and simple to install and program
  • Easily retrofittable to existing buildings
  • Perfect solution for new constructions
  • Come with a 5 year guarantee

From our entry level model MY-PA08-R to our sophisticated and versatile MY-P109 series, all mySmart Sensor ranges have accessories to cater for any application, including surface mount collar, handsets* and aesthetically enhancing fascias*.

*not available for all mySmart sensors.

All pricing below is trade inclusive of GST.

For bigger projects or large quantities, contact the mySmart sales team at for better pricing.

Not sure which sensor you might need?

Here’s our general guide!

Commercial buildings require a combination of sensors for a variety of requirements. For more personalised advice, contact one of our industry leading and helpful Smart Building Consultants to discuss your requirements.

Executive Office


Open Plan Seating



MY-P109-RR & S

Meeting & Boardrooms




Underground Carpark

Require a robust design, IP rating, and high sensitivity to cover large areas and narrow spaces.

We recommend:

MY-P120-RR or MY-HF114-RR

Toilets & Bathrooms

High sensitivity sensors are a must to detect presence through partitions whilst ensuring lights remain on whenever users are in these areas. We recommend:

MY-P109-RR or  MY-HF114-RR

Factory & Warehouses

Are all about long range and focused detection with a high bay application to ensure maximum coverage.

We recommend:

MY-P120-RR or MY-HF114-RR

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MY-P109 PIR Presence Detector Series

MY-HF114 Microwave Presence Detector Series

MY-P120 PIR Presence Detector Series

MY-PA08 PIR Presence Detector Series

Please note:

All mySmart data sheets, brochures and smart guides are available to download here.

If you’re searching for a product to buy which is not available in the store, please contact our sales team who will be more than happy to assist on 02 9887 1000.