mySmart EnGauge is a unique energy management solution that as its name suggests is designed to engage an office’s occupants in the sustainability strategies that have been implemented within the building.

The mySmart EnGauge panel is a friendly and informative system designed for use in office building foyers and lobbies to display real time and historical data on building energy and environmental performance. Everyone in the office can gain an understanding of:

  • How to reduce consumption
  • Energy, water and waste usage
  • Environmental terminology
  • Environmental impact
  • Building sustainability features.

The display uses your building energy meters and other devices to gather data on building environmental performance. Consumption data is presented in an easy to ready graphical snapshot on a flat screen panel accompanied by comments to explain the graphs displayed. There are also comparisons of daily, weekly, monthly and/or yearly energy use.

In order to keep the information interesting and up to date for building visitors and occupants the display information rotates. The rotation times and delays can all be programmed by the building manager. The display can also show other useful information such as time, current weather, 7 day forecast and if you choose, advertising can be displayed in a dedicated banner at the base of the screen.

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