Open protocol refers to a bus system based around a known international standard, not manufacturer specific, with one common software tool used for programming and open to all to purchase.

A key benefit of an open protocol bus system is that it is supported by more than one manufacturer and a truly open protocol system will allow products from many manufacturers to be seamlessly connected together on the same network without the need for special application programs or drivers etc. With the open protocol approach the system will never date as there is an upgrade path to follow.

KNX is the world’s leading Open Protocol system, with over 7000 products available across 420 suppliers. With KNX based systems there is a guaranteed forwards and backwards compatibility of products that can be used on the existing bus network.

The key advantages of this include a wide range of applications available on one network, you will never be tied into any one supplier and your systems will be Very easy to extend at any later date as new bus lines can be added to the existing network. This also allow your full system including software can be handed over to the end-user for ongoing maintenance.

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