iRiS Web Valet is a mobile website, that gives your guests easy access to all your hotels’ services and facilities via any browser or any device without the need to download an app.

It is accessible via a web link on your hotel’s Wi Fi landing page and enables guests to interact with your hotel in their preferred language, from purchasing in-room dining, shopping for gifts, booking spa treatments to controlling their in-room TV and environment.

Key features

  • Access hotel features remotely from any device via any web browser
  • Seamlessly integrates with all your hotel systems
  • Maximise revenue opportunities with effective upsell options
  • No app download required
  • Fully responsive design, it offers an optimised experience on smartphones, tablets and personal computers alike
  • User friendly, any feature is never more than a swipe or a tap away
  • Multilingual, it supports virtually any language
  • The app lets guests customise their room environment from a single, unified interface
  • It offers the highest level of security.

Competitive advantages

Increase revenue

  • Allow your hotel to capitalise on your underutilised Wi-Fi landing page
  • Increase your in-room dining and service orders
  • Maximise revenue with customisable upselling options

Reduces costs

  • Eliminate printing costs associated with the hotel welcome pack
  • Streamline operations and remove human error by routing orders directly to your PMS & POS systems
  • Use instantly updatable in-app promotions for more efficient stock management.

Improves guest experience

  • Accessible on any device via a web browser – no app downloads necessary
  • Guests can use the app in their preferred language
  • Guests can interact with all the services on offer, even when they’re on the move
  • Keeps track of room bill in real-time, so there are no surprises at check out.