mySmart designs and builds energy display dashboards for both public and internal use showcasing energy management performance and consumption. Our energy displays aid in the building’s social and economic responsibility by alerting not only Facility Managers and Building Operators to energy usage but also the end user.

Energy Displays are a provocative way to engage the end user, and provide the following benefits:

  • Recognition that your company/facility is committed to sustainability and energy efficiency
  • Engages building occupants in the environmental and sustainable aspects of the building
  • Contributes to reduced costs through education about resource efficiency
  • Visitors and occupants can view the information and understand the environmental performance of the building
  • Tracking, visualisation and communication of energy efficiency upgrades to the building
  • Collection of information regarding building environmental performance e.g. data for NABERS and Green Star reporting
  • Provides environmental alignment and collaboration across an organisation
  • Potential income from advertising on the display screens

Tailored to your needs, our display systems are user friendly and incorporate easy to understand graphs and icons.

Energy Displays case study