One of the biggest challenges facing commercial building owners is reducing the day-to-day operating costs of a building while maintaining occupant comfort. That’s where intelligent lighting control comes in.

The DALI system was created by leading lighting manufacturers who recognised the need for a common luminaire interface. DALI was engineered to meet the new challenges of lighting control – more flexibility, greater scalability of control and faster installation.

DALI stands for Digital addressable lighting Interface and since it’s development in the 1990’s has become one of the dominant standards for control of lighting ballasts.

The DALI lighting control system delivers unmatched performance and simple installation as well as maximised energy savings. Through the DALI lighting control system it is easy for building managers to achieve higher energy efficiency ratings. Moreover, communication and installation are simplified while the user maintains control and flexibility with regards to usage.

DALI is most advantageous in buildings that are likely to have a high churn rate and require flexibility for configuration. One of the greatest advantages of DALI is that every light throughout a project can be individually controlled and queried. DALI lighting control enables wiring to be simpler, reduces the cost of installation and allows architects and designers to create high-performance lighting that is easily matched to the requirements of each building’s occupants.

But to get the most from any DALI system a well designed and implemented control system is required. This could be a number of control systems such as KNX or C-Bus which provide the “smarts” such as timing, logic, overall control, sensor and switches. This is arguably the most important component as without a working control system the DALI will never deliver the full potential and flexibility.

mySmart is uniquely positioned to design and deliver both the DALI and associated control system.

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