AuVerte is a technology company simplifying the way IoT systems are designed, deployed and maintained. With a focus on living spaces that are intermittently occupied, such as hotel guestrooms, AuVerte solutions create an intuitive and pleasing user experience.  

AuVerte believes in elevating innovation in the IoT space while providing a great customer service experience to its users. The company builds good-looking products and creates a superior owner experience. 


  • Products designed and built to save energy in buildings
  • Flexible algorithms to accommodate various needs in different geographical regions
  • Products designed to avoid planned obsolescence
  • 10-year warranty
  • Social responsibility – end assembly in Switzerland by special needs organization
AuVerte – Fluxspotter PIR Motion Sensor


  • Scaled Rf mesh network
  • IPv6 end-to-end
  • Extended battery life
  • Self Configuration
  • Patent on auto-clustering
  • Patent on cluster-room resolution
  • Low-Touch Configuration
  • Single-operation configuration
  • Configuration recoverability
  • Simplified


  • 86x86mm size, 6mm thickness
  • Mounted over standard British wallbox
  • 17 aluminium colors, 2 plastic colors
  • 6 HVAC control models
  • OLED display
  • 3 user controls (down, mode, up)
  • Supports RF mesh network
  • Supports IPv6 (IP address, internetfacing API) 
AuVerte Ondur Thermostat


  • Dashboards for quick decision making
  • Several visual tools for its dashboards, such as three-dimensional spatial renderings, trend and pie charts, scatter plots, and heat maps
  • Capability to granularly visualize rooms, devices, and sensors

Your Free AuVerte Trial

For a limited time, mySmart & Auverte are offering a free, no downtime trial install of AuVerte!

You provide us model room in your hotel, and we’ll provide you a detailed report after an agreed upon trial time to see the results of this brilliantly simple product!

Contact us below for more details (we promise we won’t send you spam!) and hear how AuVerte can save you $ on your energy bills without the big cost!