mySmart recommends and uses a number of industry leading products to fulfil design briefs and implement solutions. We have preferred partnership status with key industry suppliers such as Philips Dynalite Systems, Schneider Electric C-bus Systems and KNX Systems.

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In addition, we also have our own range of world-class mySmart IoT Sensors which address any application needs. Our in-depth knowledge of leading products and continual search for innovation ensure you are provided with the best possible solution catering to your needs and requirements. It’s why we are one of Australia’s premier Building Automation Integrators and Smart Building Specialist – we don’t compromise on service, quality or know-how.

New technology is always emerging, inspired by today’s climate of innovation and constant change. As technological products evolve, so do the ways they are used. To stay ahead in today’s fast moving world, awareness of technological advancements in your industry is critical, akin to competitor awareness.

When considering the impact of technology in business, consider how the internet has impacted retail; accelerating opportunities for growth beyond brick and mortar locations, ecommerce is continuing to grow, providing both opportunities and challenges to the industry. As technology creates accessibility, consumer demand and expectations also increase – they are more socially aware, cost savvier and expect more transparency than ever.

And it’s translating into employee expectations as well. In the aftermath of 2020, employees who transitioned into work from home, are far more aware of the benefits of a hybrid working situation than the typical 5 days in the office pre COVID. But it doesn’t stop the costs of running your business from adding up. So how can mySmart help?

As technology and businesses grow, so does energy demand. Historically, only large businesses had access to the products that are available today such as energy displays and monitors but that is no longer the case. Accessible to businesses and buildings of all sizes across any industry, it is this technology that can help manage assets, costs and output and even help environmentally savvy businesses measure their carbon footprint. One element you can control is the lighting control of the facilities you run, to ensure they are inactive when unoccupied.

mySmart offers a wide range of lighting control and sensors as part of our energy management solutions.

Partnering with Signify, Schneider and ABB amongst others, we offer Philips Dynalite Solutions, C-Bus Solutions, KNX Solutions and Siemens Enlighted solutions, as well as hybrid systems, hospitality specific products and Philips commercial luminaires.

With over two decades of expertise, we guarantee you cost-efficient, high quality and durable solutions that ride the technology waves that will ebb and flow for years to come, all whilst placing data and control in hands of the people that matter most – the decision makers.

If you are unsure which product or solution is before you, or looking for a product that is not in stock or available, please contact our sales team on 02 9887 1000 and they will be happy to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PIR (Passive Infrared) presence detector
PIR presence detectors are sensors that detect the movement of body heat, making them sensitive to human movement and ideal for spaces with high-frequency movement.

What roles does presence detection play in light control?
According to the Department of Environment, lighting in commercial tenancies accounts for an average of 30% of an electricity bill – on parr with computer usage and server rooms. Using lighting with greater care and attention then becomes a critical money-saving measure. Presence detectors will turn on the lights automatically when a person enters the room, and turn them off instantly when no movement is detected.

What is a KNX presence detector?
KNX is an international open standard used for building automation. Recognised locally as an Australian standard, KNX products are wide and diverse in application. A KNX presence detector can be either PIR or microwave, and it can have the following features: absence detection, walk test, ELV switch inputs for LED light level sensors and infrared remote control sensors for lighting control, user-configurable logic function and timers. Devices on the KNX bus are designed using the standard ETS software program, which allows for the configuration and control of all aspects of the presence detector’s behaviour.

What does ‘walk across’ mean in lighting control systems?
Walking across a PIR detectors recognition area results in significant detection as numerous sectors are traversed quickly, triggering the sensor.

What is an occupancy sensor?
An occupancy scanner is a type of indoor motion sensor that detects a person’s presence and uses that information to control lighting, HVAC, and other automated building systems. Infrared, ultrasonic, microwave, and other technologies are used by the sensors. The term encompasses a wide range of devices, including PIR sensors, hotel room key card locks, and smart meters. Occupancy sensors are commonly used to save energy, provide automatic control, and ensure compliance with building codes. Occupancy sensors are also referred to as ‘presence detectors.

What are the benefits of using mySmart products?
These products allow for energy bill savings. Aside from these, wireless systems, in particular, are inexpensive, simple to install, user-friendly and convenient— turning on automatically when they are needed. These products also assist with health and safety regulations, and because of their low power consumption, have a long battery life.

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