Here’s why you have to consider Building Automation!

21 October, 2020

Commercial building owners know the importance of having a smooth-running infrastructure. System failure can slow down or even cease production, which can affect the business reputation and also the overall profit. If you are facing such problems already and are looking for a solution, building automation can be your best bet. Building automation is the key to ensure that industrial and commercial buildings operate efficiently and smoothly. Building automation offers enhanced control over different systems of the building, including electrical, heating and cooling, security, etc. If you are asking yourself what the potential benefits of automated building controls are, and if it is worth the upfront cost, this blog is for you. Continue reading to know the advantages you can reap from these technological advancements.

Maximise Energy Efficiency:

Energy efficiency is the most significant benefit of building automation. A survey reveals that Australians waste a whooping sum of $222 million each year on energy.

The automatic controls manage the lighting system to cut down energy wastage by turning the lights off automatically when a space is not in use. For example, you can program lights to turn on and off automatically and also program year-round temperature controls. This means you don’t have to worry about adjusting thermostats when you enter or before you leave. These smart controls also let you track energy usage, which can be analysed for potential improvements. Less wastage and better efficiency mean a reduction in your building’s environmental footprint.

Improved security:

Smart buildings also improve your security considerably. It can be connected to your security alarms and alert you of any electric, fire or plumbing hazards. Besides, you can also access your surveillance system at any given time from anywhere. You can lock and unlock the doors, keep the lights on or even control the window blinds even when you are away from the building. Smart, isn’t it?

Peace of Mind:

Managing the building and providing a safe environment for employees is a challenging task. When it comes to large commercial buildings, things can go wrong anytime. However, smart buildings give you the peace of mind by letting you track everything from anywhere. You will get a notification instantly if something goes wrong. So, you can fix most of the issues even before they turn into a nightmare.

Helps the Environment:

One of the major concerns of the modern world is the efficient use of energy and sustainability. Burning our resources inefficiently can quickly turn this beautiful planet into an undesirable place. However, building automation is an ideal solution to energy efficiency. The system can automatically cut power supplies to not in use appliances, eventually saving you a significant amount on your energy bills.

The world has now come to a point where automation is not fancy, it has become a need. We believe now you have understood why building automation is vital to the success of your business. Go for it now!