Smart Talk: Ravenhall – 5 Questions with Mathew Railley

Smart Talk: Ravenhall with Mathew Railley

October 12th, 2018

Every day at mySmart we work on projects that demand nothing less than the best from our team. Ravenhall Correctional Facility was no exception. The largest KNX project in the Southern Hemisphere, it required not only a dedicated full-time team in Victoria but also required support from members of our NSW team too.

In today’s spotlight, we have a quick chat with Matthew Reilly – the Smart Building Specialist who was at the heart of the project’s delivery.

5 Questions with Matthew Railley – Smart Building Specialist.

How long have you been working for mySmart?

I’ve been with mySmart for over two years now.

And in the industry?

Before mySmart I was in the electrical industry for 14 years, working with lighting control for close to 10 years and mainly on small to mid scale commercial projects.

Tell us a little about Ravenhall – how long did it take?

I spent close to 10 months working full time on the Ravenhall project. It’s the newest correctional facility in Victoria. Because the project was so big, we divided it into stages. During the design process, Richard (the project manager) created a control strategy which we implemented at an early stage.

Who was involved?

The primary onsite team was one of our top integrators Mikey and myself, and once it got to the critical stage of the project Andrew flew down from Sydney for a few weeks to help.  We also had quite a bit of support from the guys in our Melbourne office.

What challenges did you face and how were they tackled?

Ravenhall was the largest KNX job I’ve encountered in my career. It was therefore a great challenge to sink your teeth into. We would simultaneously commission multiple areas while handing over others, which really made us plan out things to a T. Overall the project went smoothly, due also to the design work by Richard, which really kicked off our control strategy at an early stage.