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KNX Standard Announcement

November 9, 2017

“Australian Standards have recently announced that KNX Standard – ISO/IEC 14543-3 (Parts 1-6) will be adopted as an Australian Technical Specification.  “3 reasons this will impact the Lighting Control and Building Automation industry – in a good way”.

What is KNX Standard ISO/IEC 1453-3 (Parts 1-6)

Standards Australia has adopted ISO/IEC 14543-3 (Parts 1-6), which covers Communication layers – Network based control as Australian Technical Specifications.

True Open Protocol

Now that Standards Australia has formally recognised and endorsed ISO/IEC 14543.3 (Parts 1-6), building owners, managers and developers, along with consultants can easily adopt a truly open protocol with confidence.  The true capabilities of an open protocol platform are its versatility and future proofing, regardless of retrofitting or new builds.  Proprietary systems can be limiting in their ability to address all aspects of smart and converged building technology, whereas an open protocol presents countless possibilities which is easily extendible and adaptable to new needs.

More choice and flexibility

KNX is a highly regarded worldwide standard which is supported by over 400 manufacturers and over 7,000 certified KNX devices.  Users can now make decisions based on technology merits, rather than having to pick a product or system that is proprietary and therefore potentially technology limiting and may not be supported in the future.

Guaranteed Assurance

The market is flooded with new technologies and products from all parts of the globe.  In some cases these are neither supported or conform to International standards, let alone Australian standards.  KNX requires all products to undergo stringent independent testing and verification to ensure compliance to relevant standards is met before approval and KNX logo application is allowed.

mySmart is an active member and advocate of KNX products and open protocol.  Recognising the importance of supporting global standards and open protocols mySmart is a foundation member of the KNX National Group.  mySmart has also been recognised for their use of KNX technology and design, having won the prestigious KNX International Award for the Surf Coast Shire Civic Building in 2012 and awarded a KNX International nominee for ANZ Tower in 2014.  mySmart continues to create and work on outstanding KNX projects, such as Taronga Zoo, The Kings School and more recently completing Ravenhall Prison in Victoria.