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Is IoT transforming the Hospitality Industry completely?

July 11th, 2017

We recently read an article on Hotel Online which talked about the 7 key trends that the Internet of Things is having on the hospitality industry.

We wanted to highlight the 3 trends that we thought were most significant for today’s hotels.
There’s no hiding from it! We now live in a world where the Internet of Things is prevalent in our daily interactions. We live in a digital world where web, mobile and the physical world meet and it has transformed the way businesses operate. IoT is bringing many opportunities to the hospitality industry to reduce expenses whilst also enhancing the guest experience.
Here are the top 3 trends that we think are huge opportunities for the hospitality industry and we know are already being implemented by many hotels.

1. Guestroom Automation

With IoT it is now possible to automate various aspects of the guestroom experience. Guestroom automation provides a way for hotels to differentiate themselves by making the guest feel comfortable through the use of smart technology. For example through smart monitoring systems, temperature and light can already be set upon entry into room based on what the user prefers. When the user is not in the room, it can then turn off to conserve energy.

2. Smart Mobile Phone Usage
With the proliferation of mobile phone usage and the emergence of IoT technology, it is transforming the way guests interact with their hotel environment. We are more accustomed to immediate interaction through apps. Taking this into consideration, the check – in process is a significant contributor to the overall satisfaction of the guest.
Hotels can allow their guests the option of entering the door through their mobile device rather than a traditional keycard. By providing keyless entry options many hotels are reducing their labour costs and enhancing guest satisfaction simultaneously.

3. Guest Room Personalization

With the availability of personal data through social media profiles, hotels can gather significant information about a guest that can be used to provide the “personal touch” to make them feel special. For example, the guests could be provided with suggested menu items, things to do in the local area and preferred tv shows based on data gathered from social media. Imagine walking into a hotel room that already knows what your favourite tv shows and movies are!
The guests could even be greeted by name from the tv to add a personal touch.

Creepy or convenient? What do you think?
As with any business, having a customer centric approach is always best, but how far should hotels go with IoT? Is there a line that would breach user privacy? Or is it all part and parcel of enhancing the guest experience and keeping your customers satisfied and loyal.

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