mySmart Donates To The Smith Family Book and Toy Appeal + RSPCA for Christmas 2018

December 17, 2018

Sharing in the spirit of Christmas, mySmart staff across our offices donated goods to two charities close to our hearts – The Smith Family Christmas Toy + Book Appeal and the RSPCA.

Proud to share with those less fortunate than ourselves, over 120 items were donated to both causes – and mySmart matched each, bringing our donation total to over 200 items!

By donating to the Smith Family Book + Toy Appeal, mySmart has helped place a Christmas present into the hands of some of the 20,000 children across the country who would not otherwise have received a gift.

For our furry friends, the donation of goods to the RSPCA helps to alleviate financial pressures on shelters and provide resources for animals awaiting their forever homes.

It’s been an amazing effort by our staff, and we’re delighted we could make a difference this Christmas season!

mySmart’s NSW Smith Family Toy + Book Appeal Donation

mySmart’s VIC Smith Family + RSPCA Donations

mySmart’s NSW RSPCA Donations

mySmart’s WA Smith Family + RSPCA Donations