KNX 2018 Awards

The 2018 KNX Awards Results Are In

March 21st, 2018

The KNX Awards in Frankfurt wrapped up early this morning, and although we didn’t win, with over 1,000 notable project entries to contend with, we knew the competition was fierce.

Ravenhall Prison took us 16 months from start to finish, and completing the largest KNX project in the Southern Hemisphere was by no means a small feat. We are so proud of what we’ve achieved and warmly congratulate all the winners of the night. They are truly deserving of their awards and we consider ourselves privileged to be considered as a nominee.

We would like to take a moment and say thank you for all your support during this journey, especially to those who voted.

Our finalist position is a credit to the relationships we’ve built, the projects we’ve developed and the products we’ve chosen every day. But most importantly, it’s the epitome of the team we have across three states whose work is the reason we can achieve these nominations!

Every day, the mySmart team are out there, building smart environments, one mySmart building at a time. And they’re giving it everything they’ve got. No matter whether they’re out on site, building our smart farm, working in our offices or they’re out on the road meeting with clients and wholesalers, we are so proud of what we as a company achieve and look forward to what our next chapter holds.

Thank you again,