This program is specifically tailored for smart Building Facility Managers and Owners.

It provides bespoke support for high end commercial facilities, with an emphasis on asset performance analytics from Power Monitoring to Environmental Monitoring, to billing analytics and assets analytics. Or as we like to call it ‘sweating the asset’.

The program is based on a 24 month agreement, and depending on your requirements monthly reporting, analysis and recommendations can be based on the following:


  • Power quality
  • Spikes identified
  • Power factor correction operating correctly
  • Phase failure
  • Power factor correction failure
  • Identify analogies
  • Identify peak demand and how it can be minimised


  • Carbon monitoring
  • Carbon output per person
  • Carbon consumption per person (combination of electricity and gas)
  • Identify solar usage and efficiency, if installed
  • Ensure solar is sufficiently sized


  • Consumption vs billing
  • Confirm demand charges
  • Check for correct tarif


  • Day vs Month vs Year comparisons
  • Site vs Site comparison
  • Alarms and reports from monitored systems and devices
  • Identify anomalies

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