Our Health Check Package provides the first step in gaining a thorough understanding of your installation. A well functioning building equals low operating costs, improved asset performance, reduced downtime and enhanced productivity.

Our comprehensive review includes the following checks:

  • Visual inspection of system controllers to assess condition.
  • Measure system network voltage levels.
  • Data traffic analysis to determine network efficiency.
  • Upload firmware data from system devices.
  • Record system clock settings.
  • Scan system hardware and upload configuration data.
  • Determine age of equipment
  • Update existing database files or create new if required.
  • Record and save all retrieved configuration database files.
  • Ensure any available system logs are operating and recording.
  • Walk test selected areas on premises to determine system performance.
  • Identify and review third party system integration gateways.

We provide you with an easy to understand diagnostic report which includes:

  • Detailed analysis and explanation of the health check results.
  • A comprehensive maintenance plan to assist with the long term management of the system outlining:
    • Remedial actions required to resolve system issues affecting client experience.
    • System alteration and upgrade recommendations to improve system efficiency and energy savings.
    • System Management Program options to improve long term management and user experience.