mySmart is an Australian company at the forefront of creating intelligent environments across a wide range of sectors from smart buildings to smart agriculture. Our solutions are customer centric and incorporate innovative technologies and the latest sensor design, control, functionality and analytics.

Our highly trained, industry qualified Consultants and Smart Building Specialists design, optimise and service environments to enhance user comfort and productivity, whilst minimising operational costs and resource consumption.

mySmart, originally established as Complete Technology Integrations (CTI) in 2001, is a wholly-owned Australian company. With a national footprint and over 60 employees, mySmart operates across a multitude of markets including commercial offices, residential, industrial & agriculture, government, retail, hospitality, health & aged care, education and leisure.

Our solutions include:

mySmart. Building smart cities one mySmart Building at a time....

Delivering building control solutions for over 20 years, mySmart has been at the forefront of creating intelligent environments across a wide range of sectors. As a developer of premier building management solutions using industry-leading products, mySmart helps with the creation of people-centric designed smart buildings that aim to enhance user comfort and convenience.

Building automation and control systems have been mySmart’s speciality since its foundation. We take pride in having staff with extensive knowledge and experience in designing innovative building automation controls and smart lighting.

With the aim of creating and installing automated building systems that not are not only for the benefit of people and productivity but also for the greater good of the environment, mySmart offers many solutions. These include systems that can track and collect data on lighting control, energy management, maintenance, and even asset performances that can be readily installed.

mySmart makes use of a number of industry-leading products to create advanced intelligent building control solutions. Among our building automation and control systems industry partners are Signify (Philips Dynalite Systems), Schneider Electric (C-bus Systems), Siemens Enlighted and KNX Systems, all of which have excellent track records when it comes to building control systems.

In addition to designing, commissioning and installing building management control systems and platforms, mySmart has its own range of sensors that can address any application concern. No compromise on service, quality or know-how. With mySmart, we offer world-class service for Australian companies and public spaces. From customer-centric solutions and incorporate innovative technologies to the latest sensor design, control, functionality and analytics, we have almost everything that you need to have a smart building.

Whether you are looking for the right setup or upgrade for the office, or maybe you want to cut costs on energy and increase productivity – mySmart’s design and installation of building systems are what you need to solve any application problems. mySmart solutions are designed for your needs, and our customer service team is always ready to assist.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mySmart?
mySmart is an Australian company at the forefront of creating intelligent environments across a wide range of sectors from commercial to hospitality to education.

How do I contact mySmart?
You may request a service call or a smart building audit online, or contact us in one of our offices in Sydney, Melbourne, or Perth.

What solutions does mySmart provide?
Our solutions include lighting control and building automation, asset performance analytics, energy management, smart building systems, guest technology, system management programs, IoT applications, mySmart sensors and associated products, and many other unique custom solutions for our clients.

What spaces does mySmart help in doing installments in?
mySmart builds intelligent solutions for various buildings and spaces, including but not limited to commercial offices, residential, industrial, government, retail, hospitality, health and aged care, education and leisure.

What is mySmart’s ruling on prices?
mySmart’s prices are competitive in the market and are usually based on present rates and costs of providing the goods and services including, labour, currency exchange rates, insurance, government tariffs, duties and taxes.

What buildings has mySmart installed their systems in?
We have installed systems in many buildings and spaces across Australia, and you can find some of our favourites in our projects.